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Music Lessons Online

Classical Guitar
Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Song Writing

This year I'm only teaching online using Zoom. Please, contact me if you'd like to set up lessons online.

About My Teaching
Anybody can enjoy the benefits of playing a musical instrument. My teaching centers on the idea that we all can become proficient musicians if we acquire these simple habits:

1. Listening to the sounds we're making with awareness, simultaneously focusing on one note or chord and preparing the next one.
2. Observing our fingers for optimum movements and relaxation.
3. Questioning (What can I do to make it better? Was it what I wanted to achieve?
4. Thinking positively.
5. Isolating (understanding and repeating slowly until played with ease) music fragments for problem solutions.
6. Using the body in its most natural and efficient way.

All these habits, plus other things I teach, help us play with great confidence and mastery, thus allowing us to focus during a performance on the most important goal for a musician: Communicating and expressing the music.

Lesson Schedule
Once a week arranged on a monthly basis. I'm very flexible, so we can develop a plan that works for you. Use the Paypal links to pay your online lessons.

1) 30 minutes: $30

2) 45 minutes: $40

3) 1 hour: $50

Student Concerts
I organize guitar concerts to encourage development, persistence and solidarity.

Practice Routine
I encourage my students to do this practice routine every day of the week:

1. Warm-up exercises
2. Scales
3. Arpeggios
4. Slurs
5. Repertoire: studies and pieces

Videos for Practice
I have a Youtube channel where I upload videos with learning tools for my students. I encourage my students to watch and play the exercises found on these videos.

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